THINK5 - Contest

The TH!NK 5: Water competition is open to anyone.

All blog entries to the competition need to be written in English.

In order to enter, you must register by submitting one blog post to the platform. This will then be automatically submitted as your first competition blog entry. Once you receive your log-in details after registration you will have full access to the online platform where you can blog on issues related to water and World Water Day from 17 January 2011 until 22 March 2011.

TH!NKers who participated in TH!NK3 and/or TH!NK4 are automatically registered to the TH!NK5 competition. In other words, you do not need to register via the registration page. When the TH!NK5 platform is launched you will be able to automatically access it by using your old log-in information from TH!NK3 and TH!NK4. Please be advised that you MUST upload a photo in the "Featured Image" section of the Expression Engine when adding a blog post. If you do not do so, your blog post will not be seen.

The deadline for registration is: Monday, 14 March 2011.

TH!NK Platform

Website: /

This is the official online platform where you can publish your blog posts for the TH!NK 5: Water competition. To use the platform you need to register with one blog post, which will appear automatically as your first competition blog entry. Only posts submitted through the platform will be considered for the competition.

TH!NK Community


The TH!NK community is NOT the platform where you post your article for the competition. The community is for networking and communicating with fellow participants as well as with the TH!NK editor. The editor can help with topic suggestions, technical support, language support, and other queries.

Important dates

Start of competition: 17 January
Deadline: 22 March
Announcement: 28 March
Prize trip: 18 - 21 April 2011


TH!NK5: Water competition’s editor Hanna McLean is the main point of contact for members on the competition platform and also the TH!NK community. She can help you with topics and provide technical and language support.

If you have any questions related to the contest, contact:
Hanna McLean, TH!NK Editor

International Jury:

An international jury will make the final decision on the winners. The group will receive systematic assessment of the competition entries from the editor-in-chief. The winners can only be approved by the jury members.

Anne Autio, Head of International TH!NK Jury

TH!NK blogging competition series:

For information about the TH!NK competition series, contact:

Rina Tsubaki, Project Manager