Jason Grant - THINK ABOUT IT http://water.thinkaboutit.eu/index.php/think5/post TH!NK ABOUT IT #5 en benno.hansen@gmail.com Copyright 2011 2011-08-06T09:14:00+00:00 Jason Grant - Raving and water http://water.thinkaboutit.eu/think5/post/raving_and_water/ http://water.thinkaboutit.eu/think5/post/raving_and_water/#When:10:23:27Z So it is the weekend and everyone has decided to go out raving. The excitement is in the air as people gather outside of the club in an orderly line. After paying, entering the loud atmosphere, with music, heat and bodies; twisting and turning to the rhythmic and melodic tunes. Everyone goes to the bar and expects to find not only alcohol but water, pre-bottled for our refreshment. One of the things that clubber’s take for granted is having access to water; whether it is free from the toilet tap or bottled from the bar. With most people sweating their nights away and refuelling whenever the need arises, should we spare a thought to the people in this world who are not so fortunate? Shortage 2011-01-23T10:23:27+00:00 Jason Grant - Water scarcity http://water.thinkaboutit.eu/think5/post/water_scarcity/ http://water.thinkaboutit.eu/think5/post/water_scarcity/#When:11:05:08Z This article deals with the topic of water scarcity in developing countries. Shortage 2011-01-19T11:05:08+00:00