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Fotios Kafarakis
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When I entered journalism, almost two decades ago, the average Greek consider ecologists as some unshaven long- haired strange guys that plant pines in the middle of nowhere and release snakes to the island of Milos (provoking curses from the farmers). The only threat from (and no for) the environment was the sun, that could turn tanning into burn in our beautiful beaches. At that time I started cover local stories: wild forest fires during the Summer, unexpected floods in Autumn, strange warm days in January that made almond trees bloom earlier, snow in Acropolis in late Spring. Ecology? No, just hard news for our audience that was mumbling 'the weather got crazy". Looking back now, as chief editor in TV Newsroom of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, I wish we had the knowledge at that time to talk about Climate Change and not just "crazy weather". As we do only the very last years.

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