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Competition: Danube and Ex-libris for intercultural dialogue

Published 03rd February 2011 - 2 comments - 5765 views -

Danube artistic

Aside of Danube and music, there is a link between Danube and visual arts: Competition organized - Ex-libris for intercultural dialogue.

The Balkankult Foundation has launched the Third international Ex-libris competition on the topic of The Danube - Route of Culture, in order to promote the development of cultural, artistic, communicational, professional, as well as technical and economical ties within the Danube region.

Organizers write:

"The Danube is the foremost European river!
For a long part of history it has been Europe's main crossroads of civilizations and culture, people and goods. The banks of this river are filled with people's experiences from ancient history until today, and the powerful Danube currents have always offered insight into the possible victory over deceptive eternity and the actual material transience.
The Danube region has  always been special since it is a birth place and cradle of  European spirit. The Danube has become a metaphor of development and influential paths of Europe which have built and enriched this continent, even if sometimes they reduced it to rubble and caused it to regress.
This powerful river offers the possibility for all European people to recognize their unique future connected to this river.
That is why we should believe in the healing power of the Danube."


Competition is open until March 30, and prizes are: First prize is 3000 Euros, second prize 1500 Euros, and three third prizes of 1000 Euros.

I am looking forward to see creative interpretations that will connect visual artistic expression, Danube and books.

In my opinion, strengthening emotional perspective on rivers, through creativity and intellectual pursuits, could positively influence overall attitudes toward them, including preserving their environmental conditions. 

If you know people who could would be interested to try their hand at this, do let them know.


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