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Danube and its Music

Published 28th January 2011 - 5 comments - 9211 views -

Blue Danube

I will join Radka and the topic of river and music.

The 1st of January every year brings one lovely predictability: Vienna New Year's Concert.

As Wikipedia informs:

The music always includes pieces from the Strauss family—Johann Strauss I, Johann Strauss II, Josef Strauss and Eduard Strauss—with occasional additional music from other mostly Austrian composers...There are traditionally about a dozen compositions played, with a pause at the half and encores at the end. They include waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, and marches. Of the encores, the first is often a fast polka. The second is Johann Strauss II's waltz The Blue Danube, whose introduction is interrupted by applause of recognition and a New Year greeting from the musicians to the audience. The last is Johann Strauss I's Radetzky March, during which the audience claps along under the conductor's wry direction. The complete duration of the event is around two and a half hours.

For me, this concert is one of the things I like most about New Years.

So, the topic of Danube and music about it naturally begins with The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss.

But there is more, popular music of different genres in different countries.


Corina Chiriac - Valurile Dunarii (Romania)

Josipa Lisac - Gde Dunav ljubi nebo (Croatia)

Apsolutno Romanticno – Dunave (Serbia)

Yu Grupa - Dunavom Sibaju Vetrovi (Serbia)

Zvonko Bogdan - Rastao sam pored Dunava (Serbia)


If you know some more, please let me know. I am sure there are other songs (Hungary? Slovakia?...)

In Serbia, there are many songs (folk, pop) about different rivers, small and big. They tell the stories of love, forgetting, destiny, local patriotism...

Danube, as the biggest one, remains constant inspiration to tell the tales of peoples' lives. And rightfully so.

Update (February 15, 2011):

It turns out there are many more songs about Danube just in Serbia and the countries of former Yugoslavia, in all sorts of music. The list is here

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