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Journalist. Freelancer. Now editor-in-chief at Ekolist.cz - daily on-line news, comments and discussions on the environment and the nature. Ekolist.cz is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Member of the editorial board at Krkonoše-Jizerské hory - monthly issued magazine about a region in Czech Republic with the Czech oldest national park. Author of the book "Novopacko - Portrét paměti a srdce" (in English: "Novopacko - Portrait of Memory and Heart"); book is about the cultural identity of one northeastern region in Czech Republic. Degree in general anthropology, Charles University in Prague.

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Is blogging a „fresh water“ for journalism?

Published 16th February 2011 - 16 comments - 19063 views -

I decided to join this platform. But it took time. I am a professional journalist who used to be sceptic about blogging. I can see advantages of it, but I can see problems as well. In the last ten years I have written mostly about the environment and the nature and I think that even blogging at its best should meet journalistic standards. But it often does not.

A great advantage of blogging is that anyone can relatively easily start his own blog. There is no editor, so you can write short notes as well as neverending stories. (Yes, I disagree with opinion, that a good blog should have some 250–350 words. Forget it. The good blog has as much words as its theme deserves.) By blogging you can reach a new audience and you are relatively free to say anything you want.

But this is a point where disadvantages start. Not anything what bloggers want to say is worth of reading. Actually almost everything what bloggers say is probably not worth of reading. We live in a era which is oversaturated with informations and which is loosing the context. And blogging probably contributes to this feeling. We are focused on details and fast (and short) informations but we are loosing the sense for what the whole story is about.

This was a reason why I thought: You do not need to waste your time with blogging. But then I realized that I could properly explore pros and cons of blogging only if I practice it.

But why here? It is a challenge to start blogging in the language which I have never used for my journalistic articles. (I have written all my articles in Czech only.) The other reason is that this is the meeting point of the journalists with the bloggers of non-journalistic background. It means that the posts and the discussions here should be more open than within a professional circle. And the other reason is that this is the meeting point of the people from the whole world. It means that their (yours) life experience is totally different from my one.

In some of my posts I will probably stress the importance of a journalistic approach to blogging. This is why I like the posts with a solid journalistic ground (Jason Grant, Fotios Kafarakis, Joseph B. Treaster, for instance). I like the posts in which you can feel that the author really met someone, really was somewhere, really went through some situation. In short: in which is some experience. On the other hand I do not appreciate much the posts filled with „copied and pasted“ figures (although I understand that the numbers are sometimes necessary). And I am a bit disappointed with authors who do not keep a clear line between the journalism and campaigning. But someone may gain me over to his arguments. We will see.

I wish you all good luck and I am looking forward to discussions. I believe this is going to be not a breath of fresh air, but a sound pint of „fresh water“ for me. And I hope that it might be a „fresh water“ even for some of you.

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  • Diêgo Lôbo Goiabeira on 16th February 2011:

    This is a valid point, and as you said there are pros and cons… I am not a journalist, and english is not my first language. In fact, I just started to blog in english. But I think the point is: blogging is never going to be like journalism; they are different things. They demand different approaches and formats. Sometimes if you blog like you were in a newspaper, no one is going to read you… of course, it does not mean you can write whatever you want just to keep the blog updated, that’s nonsense.
    Anyway, congratulations for finally let yourself have this experience… I believe all communications professionals must consider the new social medias, because their potential is huge.

  • Radka Lankasova on 16th February 2011:

    To me - blogging is freedom. I can express fully what I want to say.

    Blogging is also emotions which you can let go.

    Blogging is creative and it is one of many forms of art.

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 19th February 2011:

    I think both bloggers and journalists contribute immensely to society.

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