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Benno Hansen
Patent Assistant (Copenhagen, Denmark)

MSc degree in horticulture from Copenhagen University, thesis on Hidden Markov Modelling of protein sequences. Fields of professional interests include: Writing popular science texts, ecology, multi-disciplinary work, bioinformatics and computational biology, sustainability, plant biology. Also did two semesters of computer business studies - before upgrading from business school indoctrination to Copenhagen University enlightenment.

Currently working in patent department of major multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Have also written for magazines at an advertising bureau, supported university students in their IT-tasks, helped maintain the university hardware, software and websites, vacuum cleaned bodies of escaped laboratory test frogs, been a mail man with the Danish Postal Service and counted the number of passengers for the Danish Railways.

My goal is to publish a best selling science fiction novel and/or get elected for parliament with an intellectual party. But I spend a lot more time betting on football matches (and winning), attending FC Copenhagen home games which I hold a season ticket for, reading lots of science fiction and popularized science, blogging, skating my Remz inlines and eating organic meals with my beautiful, eco-friendly biomedicine ethicist girlfriend.

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Israel vs Palestine water war continues unabated

Published 10th March 2011 - 1 comments - 3799 views -

1) It has been nearly two years since I simplified the at the time popular image called "Palestinian loss of land 1946-2000" (seen with other maps at Maps of Israel, Palestine, the Wall, and Settlements) by merging the progressive maps into just one and marking the approximate locations of the four major water sources of the region. Called the post Water of the "Holy Land" at my Ecowar blog. How about another look:

2) The Sydney Morning Herald, 2nd of March 2011: 'Israel razes wells' near Hebron

"It is difficult to understand the reasoning behind the destruction of basic rain water collection systems, some of them very old, which serve marginalised rural and herder Palestinian communities where water is already scarce and where drought is an ever-present threat."
 - Maxwell Gaylard, UN humanitarian agency OCHA

3) Discuss below...

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  • כתיבת עבודות סמינריוניות on 23rd October 2013:

    Your map is a little wrong, the Gaza strip is the one little red strip near the Egyptian border that “end” the green part. the other part (the big red one) is all israel with no controverce (from 1948).

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