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Andrea Arzaba defines herself as a “journalist, peace activist, indigenous cultures lover and an eager world traveller”. Currently, blogger for Global Voices Online and for Adopt A Negotiator Project. Andrea is studying her BA in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She studied last year at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

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Lisbon: Our Dream Adventure!

Published 03rd May 2011 - 4 comments - 11509 views -

Lisbon: one dream city.  Old, wide streets, deep green tall trees that cover the main roads and the most delicious desserts I have ever had! Where speaking becomes an art, as the beautiful accent of the Portuguese feels like music and the friendly way people act in Lisbon makes this port an irresistible place to visit...

I arrived on April 18. I almost lost one of my flights, but you can call it destiny, fate, karma ... I managed to get the connection - the last flight was 5 hours behind schedule! -

 24 hours after getting on the first plane to Mexico City I was in Lisbon. A taxi driver took me to my hotel, and when I told him I was Mexican, he began to talk of his fanaticism for  famous Mexican singer Pedro Infante and comedian Cantinflas. A sweet welcoming! That day I explored the city a few hours with our fellow blogger Diego, and of course we ate the most delicious cakes in the whole world: the famous Pasteis de Belem.

The following days they spent were just incredible. The EJC team did an exceptional job: we approached environmental journalists in Lisbon, we observed some dolphins very closely, we learnt about sustainable projects in the beautiful town of Sintra, we went to talks with climate change experts University of Lisbon and  we approached related problems in ocean topics with climate change. We ate local food. We went to a water treatment plant. We lived together... We met the great writers and photographers who are behind this platform ...

A unique experience. Lisbon stays in my heart today, but the most important matter I will always remember are the people who had the opportunity to meet, laugh, discuss and learn from in this adventure :)


-- Stay tuned for my next post on environmental journalism in Lisbon!! - -

(Andrea Arzaba, April 2011) 

Pictures taken by Andrea Arzaba

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  • Diêgo Lôbo Goiabeira on 06th May 2011:

    You always so kind! This trip was one of the best I ever had. And, yes, the Pastéis de Belém are very very good.

  • Avgi Lilli on 06th May 2011:

    I still think about those pasteis de nata…

  • Matt Stevenson on 12th January 2014:

    Our first good impression on arriving in Lisbon was created by the weather: for a Northern Hemisphere November, to find 18 degrees Celsius awaiting us at 7.30pm on a Friday night was an excellent way to start our holiday.

    Customs was unusually straightforward, the luggage caroussel quick to produce our suitcases, and, as an added bonus for the traveller disembarking with a growl in their tum – all around baggage claim were opportunities to grab a snack. There were little shops selling food, a well-stocked café, and a woman with a trolley laden with crisps, drinks and plastic containers filled with fresh fruit. Now, that’s what I call civilised.

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