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Sarah Fenwick is a journalist living in Cyprus who was born in Kenya and has lived in the West Indies, the US, Switzerland and the UK. She is half Cypriot and half English, and has worked for most of the English-language media on the island. Sarah is interested in and has covered many different topics, including Politics, Music, Financial Markets, Environment, and Cyprus reunification talks. She is currently editing and writing for CyprusNewsReport.com - www.cyprusnewsreport.com.

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Moment of Beauty II

Published 01st March 2011 - 34 comments - 12577 views -

In another Moment of Beauty, here is an almond tree with big, fat, white blossoms that seem bigger than the usual small and pretty flowers. This might be because of all the rain we had in Cyprus this winter. All of nature has come alive and the colours are spectacular.

Vibrant green grass that is almost a shade of jade; bright yellow flowers waving from the grass; subtly shining olive trees; this is a Cyprus we rarely see.

Enjoy the moment!

Note: Moments of Beauty is a series of short pieces about what we could lose if we do not take care of our water supply and overall environment. All photos are taken by Sarah Fenwick.

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  • Avgi Lilli on 02nd March 2011:

    Almond tree + Blossoms = Spring

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