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Sarah Fenwick is a journalist living in Cyprus who was born in Kenya and has lived in the West Indies, the US, Switzerland and the UK. She is half Cypriot and half English, and has worked for most of the English-language media on the island. Sarah is interested in and has covered many different topics, including Politics, Music, Financial Markets, Environment, and Cyprus reunification talks. She is currently editing and writing for CyprusNewsReport.com - www.cyprusnewsreport.com.

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Moment of Beauty III

Published 02nd March 2011 - 16 comments - 8365 views -

Bougainvillea bushes are everywhere in Cyprus, they are a hardy and beautiful flowering bush which looks spectacular when it gets water, but the flowers cannot survive in high temperatures.

In summer, bougainvillea looks the best in the mountains, where the temperature is lower and the flowers can survive longer. When it gets too hot, the flowers become ashy, papery and dried up.

Water makes a huge difference to this pretty flowering bush.

Enjoy the moment!

Note: Moments of Beauty is a series of short pieces about what we could lose if we do not take care of our water supply and overall environment.

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  • Avgi Lilli on 02nd March 2011:

    Last summer mine had so many flowers and in only 2 days almost all of them fell, just after the heat wave. It remained green during this winter… mixed up seasons.

  • Avgi Lilli on 03rd March 2011:

    Mine too! No flowers in my garden, only trees and stones!
    I have a male beagle and a female jack russel+epaniel breton. So ´´What hounds!´´ goes for me too! What are yours?

  • Avgi Lilli on 03rd March 2011:

    Mine always find this a good idea! My beagle has destroyed/eaten etc a rose bush, some petunias and a benjamin ficus and some more that I can´t remember right now. Actually 3 years ago -he was still a junior- he dig and cut the 1 metre ficus into pieces right after he was pissed off at me for sth…
    Oh, before the jack russel I had a labrador who after the beagle´s idea (I am sure about that) turn all of my stpingles into chewing toys. Yes, labradors do that kind of things too!
    And don´t get me started on pyjamas, glasses, laundry… Thank God not shoes!

  • Avgi Lilli on 03rd March 2011:

    sprinklers that is

  • תרגום מאמרים on 16th November 2013:

    Such a beautyfull picture!

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