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Despina Sidiropoulou (Δέσποινα Σιδηροπούλου) is a graduate of the European University Cyprus and Edinburgh University, Scotland, having also completed lessons at Boston University, U.S.A. Despina has written for the entertainment section of the Cyprus Mail newspaper and its Seven magazine and currently teaches English. She is the current reviews editor of the journal Cadences.

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My Plants are Thirsty

Published 10th February 2011 - 19 comments - 6501 views -

I somehow always find myself in the same predicament: living in a country struggling with water shortages.

First Australia and now Cyprus. So, how do these two wildly varying countries deal with the same issue?

I will give just one, vivid, example to paint each picture, each coming solely from my own personal experience.

Firstly, Australians in areas with water shortages have been given a set of rules they must abide by. For instance, sprinklers waste water, thus sprinklers are forbidden. Instead, hand held hoses must be used, and only at dusk or dawn when the sun is not shining brightly. Later this measure was made even more austere, with residents urged to use recycled water on plants and trees. Infringing on these rules resulted in a monetary penalty.

In Cyprus a different road was taken. In austere times residents were allotted 'days'. Every third day a region would be graced with water flow. This meant that dwellings relied solely on their individual water storage tanks (the size of the tank varied between homes). If you ran out then, well, I can't tell you how many times I had to run to my neighbours with conditioner in my hair.

Where the Australians have been given rules and fines, the Cypriots have been left to their own devices, with punishment being living without water.

So, turning the tables to you, the reader, which method of water restriction do you feel is the more effective one? Also, in a time where water is gold, is a punishment of lack of water or loss of money more effective?

Please feel free to comment as to your personal opinion on this matter. I am curious to hear your thoughts!


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  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 10th February 2011:

    Water allotment? That is so hard. Here, there is also water rationing especially during times of crisis or tragedy.

  • Gorky Tyagi on 10th February 2011:

    Well both things seem pretty harsh on people but water shortage is like this only. The condition of living without water is amazing, how can one do that? Fines and penalties are still okay but cutting of water supply…never!

  • Avgi Lilli on 10th February 2011:

    Although my hair is very long, I never had to run to the neihgbours (thank God for that!).
    I believe that lack of water is much more serious (and effective) punishment. However, as far as Cypriots are concearned, I think that they only consider things more seriously only if their financial state is affected. What do you think? I hope I´m mistaken, but…

  • Radka Lankasova on 12th February 2011:

    First of all we should learn how to find, protect, keep and save precious water resources.
    Recycle water as much as we can and than hopefully your question will not be needed to ask.

  • Avgi Lilli on 13th February 2011:

    Despina, I have also seen lots of times people hosing down concrete or washing their cars even 2 years ago when drought was at its peak. And you wonder and wonder… what do these people think??

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