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My name Mariia Sebova. And I live in Ukraine. Today I am a student of 4th course in Odessa National University.

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Story about shower and perfumes

Published 14th February 2011 - 2 comments - 2291 views -

Today I had a shower. Hot, hot shower. And suddenly water becomes colder and colder. “Not now!” – I thought. – “Maybe warm water is coming to end in the boiler”.

And in this time I began to think. We get used to good things very quickly. And this is the truth! We’ve got used that in our houses we always have hot water and possibility to have a bath every day. As better conditions people leave in, as more choosy they become!

But there are places, where people can only wish about warm water from a tap. And in some countries there are not taps at all! Citizens of such places have only wells and buckets – in the best case.

Or we can remember the history. There were times, when in the most developed countries people haven’t got used to wash. They saved their water and time. For example, in France. Modern people can hardly believe in this. But only because of this fact for the centuries we use such a wonderful invention like perfumes. They were found only because of not washing. The kings were forced to hide their bad smells in this way.

One more story:

Count N speaks with a doctor about his unhealthy friend:

-         How is he? Have we a hope?

-         Your friend is in a bad situation. Very bad. He would hardly outlive this night. He has already been washed.

-         Washed? Is everything so bad?

-         Yes.

Reaction of the count doesn’t surprise people, who know history well. Because only 3 or 4 centuries ago people have been used to wash only twice for all their lives: on the day of birth and before death.

I have thought a lot about this and understood: to have a shower every day is a big luxury. And we should value our possibilities.

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  • Avgi Lilli on 15th February 2011:

    I am aware of this. Yikes. But I guess this is a proof that people and the world evolve.

  • Radka Lankasova on 16th February 2011:

    Going to better is always easy to get used to. Going back to worse hurts.

    And yes, we are blessed that we can have a shower, even hot shower every day. And safe water from our tap. Having returned from Kenya I thank for this every morning and every night now.

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