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I was born on a cold winter night 31 years ago. I have studied Classics (BA) and obtain an MA degree in Modern Greek Philology, comparative literature and myth in poetry in particular. My current PhD studies lie on polyphonic novel in postwar Greek literature. I have worked in a daily newspaper for 3 years (2001-2003). After that I have worked as a Greek teacher for all levels for 5 years. For the last 5 years I have been writing the travel column in a free press newspaper and I am currently working as a publications' officer in the House of Representatives, the parliament of the Republic of Cyprus. My hobbies are writing and reading, literature, art, music, cinema, swimming and cycling. I speak Greek, Bulgarian and English.

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Think water: The childrens’ view

Published 16th March 2011 - 3 comments - 4253 views -

At one of my first posts on this platform I used the words that friends and colleagues had written down after the question «What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear/read the word water or drink water?» to write a poem.

I gave a small questionnaire to twenty 12-year-olds of a foreign languages institute. The first question was the same and children for once more proved to be extremely creative with a colourful imagination. 

The most popular answers were «heaven» (20%), «waterfall» (10%) and «sea» (10%). It seems that many of the children obviously relate water to nature. I also got «river». «River» and all other answers appeared just once, that is a 5% for each one of those, on a percentage scale. I got answers corresponding to more vague situations or states, like «thirst», «relaxed», «clearness» and «coolness». Some kids were more practical and precise, giving words as «bottle», «a glass of water», «ice». My favourite ones and more unique were «bath» and «submarine»!

10% didn´t answer that question. 

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  • Hussam Hussein on 18th March 2011:

    nice prospective.. genuine at least!

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