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Journalist. Freelancer. Now editor-in-chief at Ekolist.cz - daily on-line news, comments and discussions on the environment and the nature. Ekolist.cz is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Member of the editorial board at Krkonoše-Jizerské hory - monthly issued magazine about a region in Czech Republic with the Czech oldest national park. Author of the book "Novopacko - Portrét paměti a srdce" (in English: "Novopacko - Portrait of Memory and Heart"); book is about the cultural identity of one northeastern region in Czech Republic. Degree in general anthropology, Charles University in Prague.

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Videos Of Tsunami

Published 11th March 2011 - 14 comments - 6915 views -

I just want to share an info about the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. BBC has a live coverage from Japan here.

Short video of an "angry wave" you find on CNN:


Longer one on the Guardian website:


Another video from CNN:

I have no comment on this, it is hard even to breathe ...

*Feature Image Credit: It is a screenshot from Al Jazeera English of a massive (10 meter) wave hitting the coast of Japan. Made by goblinbox / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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