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I have a Degree on Environmental Studies in Venezuela. I have devoted myself to study the adaptation and mitigation of the climate change. I worked as a researcher and consultant on climate change and other environmental issues in Venezuela, with the "Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado's" University, "Yacambu" University and Development Foundation (FUDECO). I could do make some projects by environmental education and climate change, including the Environmental Kit oriented at this theme. You can join this initiative in Twitter @OoClimateChange and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-Opportunity-in-Climate-Change/198930703452214

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Water fountains, mixed between art and nature

Published 05th March 2011 - 15 comments - 12135 views -

Water fountains are a mixture of sculpture, architecture and nature harmoniously combined to attract the eyes of the population and more recently, tourists. Water, the primary point of attraction, is the protagonist in all the fonts.

And really, who does not have a photograph beside to a fountain..? Another reason to consider water as the main component of our lives..!

Below, I was share with all, the most famous fountains in all the world:


Source: Taringa


Source: Taringa


Source: Taringa


Source: Taringa


Source: Traveler


Source: Canonistas


Source: Tipete


Source: Blogspot


Source: Blogspot


Source: Blogspot


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  • Diêgo Lôbo Goiabeira on 05th March 2011:

    Awesome, Maria. The last one in Seul is certainly the best of all. It must be amazing going through it.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 06th March 2011:

    I like Japan’s too! ;)

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 06th March 2011:

    Thank’s Diego and Andrea :) Really, I like all fountains because the history, art and nature are mixed in one sense..! Sometimes we don’t see them by the street or squares, but represent an important point of each place :)

  • Radka Lankasova on 06th March 2011:

    Maria, great post. Some of the fountains even play music, so all senses are involved and you can not only see water, but also hear it. Amaziiiing:)

  • Iwona Frydryszak on 07th March 2011:

    Maria, it would be great to make a ranking of top ecological fountains. They are nice and entertaining, but what are the environmental costs of watching them? Recently great, playing, 3D fountains (http://www.um.wroc.pl/m6850/p116963.aspx) were opened in my town, Wroclaw? Even it was a XXI century idea they have nothing in common with new, ecological sources of energy. I wonder how does it work with the fountains you presented in the post.

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 07th March 2011:

    @ Radka: thank’s for your comment and is very nice what you say, the water sound is amazing and very confortable :)
    Is so important and relaxing. I would share with all this videos of relaxing music from nature (water, sea and rain)  :)




  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 07th March 2011:

    @ Iwona: I very like this fountain in Wroclaw, Poland. Is very nice :) thank’s for share with all. Also, is so beautiful the video with all lights and sounds :) The idea of this post was to point out the importance of the fountains in the everyday life of all citizens..!

  • Avgi Lilli on 08th March 2011:

    Osaka´s is very futuristic, of course!
    Oh my God, we only have one tiny in Nicosia, which I haven´t seen with water in ages! I should take a photo! In this corner of the planet fountains is so not in our genes. No water no fountains.

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 08th March 2011:

    @ Avgni: You’re right :) the fountains are very sad without water. Is lost the history and nature. I would like to see this fountain that you say, however, to become aware of the lack of water, we can find anywhere in our homes, cities and landscapes. The situation is terrible. In this case the hydrologic system in the sources, using water saving devices and reuse of the same, so we can continue to benefit from its use.

  • Larisa Rankovic on 08th March 2011:

    Rome has really beautiful fountains, loved them. Also fancy music ones, like those in Barcelona, Budapest, Bratislava…But this Japanese is something special

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 08th March 2011:

    @ Larisa: Thank’s fot your comment. Italy is very beautiful..! I do not say because I’m Italian, but is true. In general because Italy is very romantic and sources of water are well known throughout around the world, especially the first picture I put in this post, called Trevi Fountain (“Fontana di Trevi” in Italian). If you are interested on see this fountain, in the link below you can see an image on 360° of the fountain :)


  • Larisa Rankovic on 08th March 2011:

    Hi Maria, I’ve been in Rome and loved Fontana di Trevi so much that used ever opportunity to re-visit it (like: every day:)). Tanti saluti*

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 09th March 2011:

    Great Larisa..! So you have been a nice trip :) Thank’s for your comment..! See you..!

  • Maria E.R. Mannucci on 05th June 2011:

    Hi Jonas! Thank’s for your contact. I have pleasure to meet you also. First of alla, congratulations for your work. Is very nice and confortable meet people with environmental and social vocation. I have a little community in Facebook “Our Opportunity in Climate Change”. There I put information and news about environmnet and climate change worlwide. If you are interested, you’re welcome :) Also, I’m in twitter @OoClimateChange. Greetings..!!

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