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I am from Hungary (EU) European Journalist, environmental protection activist, Writing about today's environmental challenges, trying to understand the role and directions of UN and possibilities regarding climate change and environmental protection. Diplomas: General Chemistry Technology, Communication, Marketing. International Relations Job: international trading. I am living near Budapest in a small peaceful, green settlement, village. Love: life, garden, arts, water, forests, good climate, good food, clean water, clean air, journalism, sciences, modern technology, people, history and the social studies.

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Water Management

Published 08th February 2011 - 4 comments - 5139 views -

Iraklia Greece

I am always trying to find the main points, take the essences of the subjects, to find out connections and make conclusion. This habit comes from my attitude which smells correlations and usually at the end in most of the cases I find common human interests behind the things.

Nahal David

I think the main points regarding today's water problems are the followings:


Purity - Increasing water prices

Netafim Water Management

Less and less, today's only 0,3% of the world's waters are usable and 70% of that usable water goes to the agriculture. Even less of our sweet waters are clean, pure suitable for drinking or household usage. The majority of our waters are either so called grey or black water, polluted not suitable for direct consumption or sophisticated industrial use. Some of the grey waters like for instance municipally waste waters, drain, rain waters partly can be used for instance as for agricultural open filed irrigation and it is already a practise in water short countries like Israel for instance. But of course we prefer to use clean sweet water and we use it rapidly.

Akziv lagune

Water is recyclable and purifiable. But it cost more and more. An entire biz. sector was built up on this. In the recent 10 years a large multinational biz. a kind of new colonization observable in this sector. I see mainly two French and one German multinational companies in this global biz. Especially a French one is very active and successful called by Veolia Water. Today's Veolia is a giant multinational company controlling a billion EUR water business all over the world. In Hungary Veolia built, renewed 2 new municipality waste water processing plants one at Budapest the South Budapest plant and another one at Szeged and participating in several sewage plants biz. at Erd, Salgotarjan and various energy projects also all over Hungary. I can not judge if we gain or lose from this. The only thing I can see is that my water bill is increasing constantly and water biz. does not belong to Hungarians anymore.

Akziv lagune

Akziv lagune

Akziv lagune

Akziv lagune

Collection and Distribution

While here in Europe and in most of the western hemisphere we are receiving too much quantity of rain water and have relatively large sweet water lakes, rivers, large water reservoirs than other geographical areas like Middle East for instance is constantly suffering from tremendous lack of rain and shortage of natural water sources. Due to climate change and global warming distribution of rain water and surface waters has changed dramatically.

Shrinking glaciers on the peak of Austrian Alps

Grosglockner Galcier

The rush to exploit  - Fight for the top of the world

Polar Ice

Pictures on the shrinking Dead Sea from the Israeli side 

Dead Sea

Water Management

Hungarians love water and we were always good in water related sports like: water polo, swimming, kajak-kenu althoug since a long time we have no own sea shore but still we have large rivers like Tisza and Danube and large sweet water lakes within them one of the largest lake in Europe the lake Balaton which is called the Hungarian sea.

Pictures from the Balaton

Balatonfüred port

Balaton Ice Skating

Balatonfured Sanyi Ice Skating

Balaton Ice Skating Tihany

Balaton Ice Skating Zsófi

Ice Balaton

Recently we have a lot of problems with water due to floods caused by the lot of rain and snow we got. Especially this year it makes serious problems.

Danube flood at Budapest


Danube Flood Level Rakpart Budapest

Danube Flood Budapest


Most of Hungary is plane low lands located in the Karpatian Basin so all the water comes to us from the nearby, accumulating mainly here on the large Hungarian Plane. At the moment thousand of acres of agricultural land and entire large settlements are under water. Government is trying to solve the water management problem but it is still questionable when the lands will dry off and so farmers will be able to cultivate the lands and people will be able move back to their houses.  

In Danger of water

Water has tremendous power. Japanese trust that water is the most strong element as it can corrode even destroy iron and stones.

Floods storms and especially the increasing ocean levels 

threatens human and animal populations and its living areas all over the world:

Extreme Weather especially high quantity of rain, snow, ice makes big problems in traffic and life.


I tried to explain above and analyse few main factors in order to see why water management and water distribution is one of EU and the world's today's major problems. That is why an important subject of the this year Hungarian EU presidency is the water management.

Water is a central element in the Hungarian Presidency’s programme:






Ocean Cancun

Ocean Cancun



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  • Sylwia Presley on 08th February 2011:

    Thank you for magnificent post, Laszlo! I am really happy to see Hungary represented in the competition! I remember the time of Danube flood, I happened to be in Budapest then:/ Terrifying and really sad to see all the monuments endangered (mainly Margid Hid - not sure of its English name - and Chainbridge!).

    I think you should post about the Vorosiszap webpage, crisis and reactions to it too! (btw I just posted about Ushahidi, which we happened to translate into Hungarian last year for that particular crisis!) I might post about it too, sometime!

  • Anna Zemblicka on 09th February 2011:

    Thanks for the sharing with awesome pictures!

  • Laszlo Keki on 09th February 2011:

    Dear Sylvia,

    Thank you for your comment. I tried to show you my nicest pictures on water.
    Regarding the Red Sludge: yes I could wrote about it also much earlier during TH!NK4 but I did not. It is so sad and was so much covered by international media. But i see you are interested so soon there will be a post from me with pictures on the Red Sludge catastrophe in Ajka region.

    Rgrds, Laci

  • Laszlo Keki on 09th February 2011:

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I am happy to see that you enjoy my pictures on water.

    Rgrds, Laci

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