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Andrea Arzaba defines herself as a “journalist, peace activist, indigenous cultures lover and an eager world traveller”. Currently, blogger for Global Voices Online and for Adopt A Negotiator Project. Andrea is studying her BA in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She studied last year at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

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Water Pleasures!

Published 27th January 2011 - 12 comments - 5393 views -

Have you ever wondered how water brings so many delightful feelings?

I would like to take you with me, on an inner reflection to appreciate and recognize some  daily situations where water plays a fundamental/fun/cultural role in our lives...


You can name it a sweet cup of cinammon and apple tea when you are sick, a hot cup of coffee to start the day or a cold glass of water as a relief from exercising, talking or even just before sleeping. Drinking water has become a habit. For some it might be just a requirement to stay healthy and fit, but the truth is that water is a diet survival need.

The fact that drinking water is one of the most desirable and vital actions we do IS REAL, and let's recognize it!



Pool parties, water parks and water guns... was there anything more exciting when you were a kid?



Relaxing in a bathtub every once in a while is about pampering our body and soul. And the daily shower we are used to take in the mornings or nights can bring us to life again! It can be a 5 - 10 minutes ritual, indeed a pleasure we are used to take for granted.

So next time you shower, be aware of your action and feel lucky! Not everybody in the planet can take hot showers whenever they need or wish to. 



What do you feel when you swim in the sea?

You can feel the wet sand surrounding your body, the passing waves going up and down with a special rythm... and sometimes you can even taste the salty environment.

Sunrises, sunsets. Days and Nights...

And how about the waterfalls? Rivers? Lakes and Ponds? Just as Iris mentioned in her post "the soothing powers of water", or Lara's "Danube Connection".

Is there anything more beautiful that the sight and sound of these natural wonders? I would doubt there are many things as grandiose and magnificent as the ones I just mentioned. Water in it's natural environment can be powerful and calmed. It can be the most beautiful thing on Earth, as well as the most destructive.

Can you think of any other pleasure water brings us in our daily lives? Remember that the simple things, those we sometimes take for granted, do count a lot!



Picture sources: blogs.houstonpress.com and omg.travel

(Andrea Arzaba, January 2011)


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  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 27th January 2011:

    Thank you for linking my post Andrea. This is a relaxing read in these chaotic and fast-paced times. :-)

  • Radka Lankasova on 28th January 2011:


    I want to jump in a bath and drink delicious tea having read your post:).

  • Andrea Arzaba on 28th January 2011:


    DO IT!!!!! :)

  • Andrea Arzaba on 28th January 2011:


    Yes…a relaxing post in the middle of chaos my dear. But we need to blog about it, and discuss it! I am enjoying very much this competition

  • Larisa Rankovic on 28th January 2011:

    Great perspective on the topic, Andrea! Thanks for this. One of my favorite pleasures are hot water spas. Wherever I travel, I try to visit them. Budapest for example has 15 of them. What a treasure!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 28th January 2011:

    Yes my dear Lara! Water spas are one of the best things we can do for ourselves when we r in the middle of a stressing stage (like exams or work!)

    I forgot to mention I also LOVE “Water Music”, you know, like waterfalls! It is used for meditation or for babies!

  • Mamen Salas Burguete on 31st January 2011:

    Yes, just thinking about the beach and the sea waves makes me smile :)

  • Andrea Arzaba on 02nd February 2011:

    Water topics can be as sweet as this post, or as devastating as others! But I am glad it brought you joy Mamen!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 04th February 2011:

    I agree! ;)

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