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Andrea Arzaba defines herself as a “journalist, peace activist, indigenous cultures lover and an eager world traveller”. Currently, blogger for Global Voices Online and for Adopt A Negotiator Project. Andrea is studying her BA in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She studied last year at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

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What If Water Could SPEAK!?

Published 20th January 2011 - 25 comments - 16095 views -

Imagine. Just visualize that right now, that water had a voice. Yes, the same water that you use for taking a shower, drinking from a bottle or even the one you are used to see when you were walking next to a river...

 Now…the words that it would say...do you think they would be joyfull or  bitter? Angry or disappointed?

 Water would express its concern on equality, I am sure. It would like to  know if every single person in the planet would be able to have it, for free. As for  water, race, sex, nationality, economic status and age would not matter.

 Pollution would be one of the main topics, as human activities have been the  main attribution for water contamination. Maybe it would even ask if there is an  end for all of this interests over it?

 Then it would continue with diseases, as there are some sicknesses due to      microrganisms and chemicals in water people drink, like malaria. Water would  admit  that it was never its purpose to spread death, as it is one of the  main symbols of  life.

 I could see you asking for droughts and floods. Natural disasters, people dying.  We would ask about the unfairness of all of it, but then an answer would come,  saying what we do not want to hear. It is not its fault, it is ours.


Maybe water would have hope. In us. In changing our habits, in creating a collective conciousness towards the present problems, in order to make a change.  

Because we need to do so, before it is too late.

Or if you could talk to it? What would you ask? What would it say?

 (Andrea Arzaba, January 2011)



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  • Diêgo Lôbo Goiabeira on 20th January 2011:

    Hey Andrea, very nice and creative narrative. It would require a bit of reflection of me about what to say for it, but, yes, what first comes is the feeling of quilt for the treatment we are giving to the water.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 21st January 2011:

    Thank you Diego! I had been reflecting on the subject…and so many things can come to my mind!

    Feeling of guilt? as in we, human race, being the main polluters?

  • Iris Cecilia Gonzales on 21st January 2011:

    I’d say Andrea, water would say “I’m really very powerful if I get mad so don’t abuse me.” :-)

  • Andrea Arzaba on 22nd January 2011:

    @ Iris: So we should be aware of the power of water! Indeed!

    @ Lara: I agree, as most of the pollution comes from Human Waste and Lack of Respect towards it!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 22nd January 2011:

    @ Pabitra: I love your last question! Water would have an attitude

    @ Larisa: So many questions, but one you would like to ask?

  • Andrea Arzaba on 23rd January 2011:

    @ James: That would be a great argument!!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 28th January 2011:

    Yes! I agree, water would have hope but we should have ACTION towards that hope!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 09th February 2011:

    It IS a right already!

  • Radka Lankasova on 03rd March 2011:

    Reporter: What is your message to the mankind, Ms. Water?
    Ms. Water: I have so much to say to you, people. Enjoy me. Protect me. Save me. Share me. Don´t pollute me. Recycle me. Drink me. Wash with me. Cook with me. You are me and I am you.Love me. I love you.

  • Andrea Arzaba on 14th March 2011:

    @Sarah: I would agree with your comment!!!

  • Andrea Arzaba on 14th March 2011:

    @Radka: “We are one” :)

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