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Benno Hansen
Patent Assistant (Copenhagen, Denmark)

MSc degree in horticulture from Copenhagen University, thesis on Hidden Markov Modelling of protein sequences. Fields of professional interests include: Writing popular science texts, ecology, multi-disciplinary work, bioinformatics and computational biology, sustainability, plant biology. Also did two semesters of computer business studies - before upgrading from business school indoctrination to Copenhagen University enlightenment.

Currently working in patent department of major multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Have also written for magazines at an advertising bureau, supported university students in their IT-tasks, helped maintain the university hardware, software and websites, vacuum cleaned bodies of escaped laboratory test frogs, been a mail man with the Danish Postal Service and counted the number of passengers for the Danish Railways.

My goal is to publish a best selling science fiction novel and/or get elected for parliament with an intellectual party. But I spend a lot more time betting on football matches (and winning), attending FC Copenhagen home games which I hold a season ticket for, reading lots of science fiction and popularized science, blogging, skating my Remz inlines and eating organic meals with my beautiful, eco-friendly biomedicine ethicist girlfriend.

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Where is the water? A 3 min video at Climate Change TV

Published 06th August 2011 - 1 comments - 9925 views -

I made a three minute video about lakes disappearing from Google Maps satellite photos and a rainy day in Copenhagen for Climate Change TV. Check it out.





If you like it, head over to the competition website and vote for it, please.

I haven't had the time to watch all of the other videos yet. But among those I have seen I'd mention The world has malaria (especially the Kenya crew from TH!NK3 should watch that one) and What happened at COP16? Got another favorite? Let me know and I'll check it out.

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  • J.C. Moore on 21st January 2013:

    The disappearance of water from lakes is a problem even here in Oklahoma where there are many man-made lakes. Many of the state’s lakes are from 4 to 13 feet below normal, and one lake will be drawn down to 17 feet below normal to supply water to the towns downstream from it. The last two years have been some of the hottest on record and the state has experienced the worst drought since record-keeping began in 1895.

    Although there is an average of about 7% more water in the air because of global warming, the water is not evenly distributed. Coastal areas have been receiving record rainfall, causing serious flooding in some areas, while the interior of continents are experiencing some of the worst droughts in history. Still, here in the US, there is great resistance to taking action to limit our carbon emissions.

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